Saab parts for a 9000



 Parts from more than 30 9000s the below is just a sample of what I have.  Email with needs not covered in the below listing as I have way to many  parts to get listed here and some mostly complete cars to take parts  from. I respond to all emails so if you do not get a response check your  spam folders or resend your message. If you include an email address in  your message I will respond directly back to that. Please check out my  other listings for other Saab models like the 900, 9-3, and 9-5. Thank  you.

Most recent in 1997 Black 9000 Aero

Motor and related:


Used red DI cartridges $50-250 depending on date codes.
9000 CSE trionic ECU 200HP $80 Aero one $125
ABS pump assembly for 94-98 $200 For earlier ABS or TCS cars 90-95 $250
BPC solenoid $50
Airbags $25
Rear fan $90 front fan $60
Fan speed control module $45

Brand new Hepu water pump $50 fits 2.0 motor
Brand new radiator OE Saab $150 Fits 86-92 2.0 motor
Brand new heater core $40
Febi idler pulley $25 each
Febi tie rod end $15 each


TD-04 15 from 1995 9000 Aero with 89K $350 From Aero with 160K $300

Torque converter from a 60K 1997 9000 Aero $150 with ring gear



KYB GR2 235034 $140

86-92 Lower chin spoiler with fogs and covers  $150
Rear hatch black or silver not rusted out $200
Hoods $100-150
Blue, silver, green painted Aero rear spoiler $50-80
CSE Blue or black rear bumper $75
CSE front bumper assembly black $150
Side body moldings from a Saab 9000 Aero. $50 (red, silver or green or black)
Complete aero body kit $400
Front bumper covers from Aero (blue, black, red, green) $150-$300
Rear bumper from 9000 Aero $100 (black, silver or green, red) fender flares $30 each
Front headlights $40
Saab 9000 fog lights $40 each
Rear decor panel 94-98 $50-80
Front passenger side fenders 100-150 each. green,silver, gray, blue, White, Maroon, black Drivers side 100-175
Grille $45 with Turbo emblem $75
Tail lights $40
Corner lights $25-35
Window regulators $75 for drivers side $50 each all others. Have some new for more.
1993 Aero leather steering wheel $125
1994 and up leather wheel $50-100 depending on condition


Brand new OE strut $100 fits 1992

1995 9000 Aero charcoal leather seats from 89K car. Leather is harder but not worn like most $600
1997 9000 Aero charcoal leather seats from 149K car. Leather is still soft and not much wear $750 (pic 1+2)
9000 Aero charcoal leather seats in excellent shape $1000
Wood grain dash panels with no clear coat occluding $125
Tan or light gray arm rest in rougher shape $100
Trunk liner with 2 inch lip $40
CD changer $50
Leather inset Aero charcoal door panels any door but driver $25 each Sand beige or charcoal $150  for a set of 4
Great shape tan or black rear CSE headrests $40/pair Aero in charcoal, light grey or sand beige $60 pair
Rear sand beige armrest with cup holder $30
Crack free Dash top (black or sand beige) $200
Used Harmon Kardon CD player for $60
Sunvisors older style $40
Window switch packs $40
ACC unit for 91-94 $125 for 1995 and up $50
Remote for alarm $25
Alarm module with 1 remote $125 with 2 $150
Ignition switch $30
ACC sensor $40
Misc other switches $5 each

Rear muffler used $50 Used Aero $100 New ones from dealer with Aero shroud $150
Brand new rear muffler 8975062 for 2.0 early 9000s 85-91 $75

Roof racks aftermarket $30