Classic 900 Saab Parts 1979 to 1993


  Saab 900 parts from over 30 1984-93 Saab 900, SPG , Convertible and  Turbo cars.  Most recently added black 89 and gray 86 900 SPG.  Email  with needs not covered in the below listing as I have way to many parts  to get listed here and some mostly complete cars to take parts from. I  respond to all emails so if you do not get a response check your spam  folders or resend your message. If you include an email in your message I  will respond directly back to that. Please check out my other listings  for other Saab models like the 9000, 9-3, and 9-5. Many new old stock  parts just in from a closed dealership. Thank you.  

Motor and related:
Fuel distributor with MAF from the working 86 8 valve $250
Throttle cable $30 fits later cars. Also have one for up to 84 for $10
ABS pump assembly with brake booster and master cylinder $250
ABS accumulator $100
ABS computer $30
Cruise control ECU $40
Ignition coil $20
Good 5 spd nonT trans from the 86 (130K) $600
Good 5 speed Turbo trans from 89T (130K) $750
New power steering pump $150

Used aftermarket muffler with center and tail pipe $75
Brand new aftermarket OE style muffler with original flattened tail pipe $150
New 8 valve Turbo OE muffler and tail pipe and center pipe $175
New 8 valve non T muffler $100


Tan convertible parade boot with bag $225
Saab C900 Convertible/ 4dr tail light lens $50 each
Saab C900 corner light $25-50 each
Convertible quarter power window assembly without glass $40 per side
Door window glass $100
rear hatch quarter windows with black trim $40 each
Hoods $100 White and blue,
Trunk $75 green
Convertible Doors Red or white Drivers or red or Dark gray pass side $100 each
Pass side  3 door door $75
Rear standard spoiler from SPG $75
Grille $40-100 depending on condition.
Rear hatch with glass from bronze 900 base.  Not rusted out. $200
Headlight bezels from 86 $40 each

Saab C900 Dash Fascia $50 all have some issue either broken tabs or cosmetic issue
Restored dash facias with all tabs fixed $200
Steering column from 88 SPG $100
Shifter housing with shifter lever and keys $250
Shift rod with leather boot $100
Wiper switch $25
Turn signal switch $150
Sun visors $25
Center console $40
tan vinyl convertible seats $150
Tan leather 3 door seats pulled from 1986 $150 for pair.

Driver side rear tail light boards with good ground $100 each Pass side $50
Saab logo roof racks $200